Surrender Control; Find Peace Within You.

The illusion of control

How much of life’s currents do we actually control? You decide to step outside one Friday night and then meet someone who changes the trajectory of your life forever. An infinite number of variables could have placed you in a different place, at the same time, or in the same place at an additional time and yet missing out.

“The illusion of control is a tendency to overestimate how much control you have over the outcome of uncontrollable events.”

We then need to relinquish this illusion of control, not to say to sit back and do nothing, but rather make conscious efforts and not self-deprecate over those efforts failing.

Peace comes from within!

We contort our lives around our likes and dislikes; holding on to pleasurable things and resisting things that bring us discomfort.

When peace exists outside of external circumstances, only then can peace be true.



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Jay Jay

Jay Jay


Hi there, I express myself in whatever medium appeals most to me at the time. Be it writing, video making or talking. Feel free to share your thoughts with me.